Instructional Division Seminar

Mon, May 4 3:00pm
Cram Conference Room – 3440 Molecular Sciences Bldg
Speaker Professor Jeffrey S. Moore
Hosted by
Instructional Division, UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
(310) 825-4009

Instructional Division Seminar

"The Molecular Sciences Made Personal"

Abstract.  The premedical competencies as outlined in a recent American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC)-HHMI report on Scientific Foundation for Future Physicians calls for stronger connections between course content and the underlying principles in health and medicine. To meet this need, I am developing chemistry courses at the University of Illinois for pre-health professionals that teach concepts and content in a personally meaningful way, thereby stimulating deep student interest and promoting curiosity-driven learning. Scientific evidence shows that people who feel curious devote more attention to an activity, process information more critically, remember information more effectively and persist on task until goals are met.

         Learning is made personally meaningful by enabling the students, if they so choose, to investigate their own molecular make-up; that is, helping them understand how their own phenotype relates to their own personal genetic data. Acquiring personal genetic data is affordable and is becoming an important part of the healthcare industry. For this reason, there is a growing need to educate prospective healthcare professionals in the interpretation of genetic data and the role of genotype-phenotype association in molecular etiology of human conditions.