Amgen – UCLA Lectureship

Thu, Mar 3 1:30pm
Cram Conference Room – 3440 Molecular Sciences Bldg
Speaker Dr. Seb Caille
Hosted by
UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
(310) 825-7954

The 2016 Amgen – UCLA Lectureship


1:30 PM Lecture

“Amgen Chemical Process Development: A Process to Manufacture AMG 232”

Dr. Seb Caille

Senior Scientist, Chemical Process R&D

Amgen, Inc.


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5:00 PM Lecture

“Chemical Discovery in the Microbial World”

Professor Emily P. Balskus

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Harvard University

Abstract.  Microorganisms like bacteria, archaea, and fungi have amazing chemical capabilities, performing challenging transformations and producing complex, biologically active molecules not easily accessed via any other means. However, we do not yet have an understanding of the enzymatic chemistry responsible for the full diversity of reactions performed by these organisms and we lack a complete understanding of the roles this chemistry plays in natural microbial habitats. Recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies have delivered a wealth of microbial genomes, providing an unprecedented opportunity to discover both enzymes that have the potential to change the way chemists make molecules, as well as metabolic activities that will transform our understanding of microbial and human biology. This talk will discuss my group’s recent progress in deciphering the enzymatic chemistry responsible for the production of multiple bacterial metabolites, including scaffolds of unusual molecular architecture and disease-linked molecules made by the human gut microbiota.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cram Conference Room – 3440 Molecular Sciences Bldg