The 2019 Organic Graduate Symposium

Fri, Jun 14 8:30am
MSB 3440
Speaker Graduate Students
Hosted by
Chemistry and Biochemistry

On Friday, June 14, the 2019 Organic Graduate Symposium featured research talks by eleven of this year’s UCLA chemistry graduate students. The Organic Graduate Symposium is a daylong event that provides a forum for organic chemistry graduate students who are within one year of obtaining their Ph.D. to present their dissertation research at UCLA to their peers, researchers, and faculty.  The Organic Graduate Symposium is open to the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry affiliates and their families.

The event, held in the Cram Conference room in the Molecular Sciences building, will begin with a catered breakfast followed by welcoming remarks by Prof. Hosea Nelson.  Each speaker will be introduced by a member of his or her lab.  The event will conclude with closing remarks by Prof. Nelson and a toast to the eleven soon-to-be-newly-minted-Ph.D.s.