2018 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching - Finalist Lecture

Fri, Oct 6 1:00pm
California NanoSystems Institute Auditorium
Speaker Professor Neil Garg
"How Organic Chemistry Became One of UCLA’s Most Popular Classes"
By Professor Neil Garg
University of California, Los Angeles
Lecture abstract: 
Organic chemistry has a bad reputation, despite having a tremendous impact on our everyday lives. It has remained a notorious “weed-out” class for decades – striking fear in the hearts of students – and has long been viewed as a gatekeeper course for those interested in pursuing a career in medicine. In this presentation, California’s Professor of the Year, Neil Garg, will examine the underlying teaching philosophies that have now transformed organic chemistry into one of the most popular classes on the UCLA campus.  Educational initiatives, including organic chemistry music videos and online tutorials, will be discussed.
About the lecture:
Professor Neil Garg, from the UCLA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, was recently named a finalist for the 2018 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching administered by Baylor University. Garg is one of three finalists selected for this honor from a pool of more than one hundred nominees spanning all areas of academia nationwide.  Each finalist receives a cash award of $15,000, while their home departments receive awards of $10,000 to support educational initiatives.
This lecture is intended to foster a spirit of excellence in teaching and education on the UCLA campus, while also giving Professor Garg a warm send-off, as he will compete for the grand prize at Baylor University in mid October of this year. The grand prize comes with a generous $250,000 award for the winner, in addition to a $25,000 award to the host university.
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Space is limited. We advise guests to arrive early to secure a seat. At 12:55 p.m. any unclaimed seats will be released to non pre-registered guests.