Enrollment Assistance

Enrollment Assistance for Undergraduate Chemistry Courses

If you are having trouble enrolling in a Chemistry or Biochemistry course, please email Denise Mantonya (denise@chem.ucla.edu). Please note I can only do enrollment for Chemistry & Biochemistry courses, please contact the respective department if you are having trouble enrolling in other courses.

If you are having trouble enrolling in a Chemistry or Biochemistry course please email Denise Mantonya with the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your student ID number
  3. The Chemistry or Biochemistry course you wish to enroll into
  4. The 9-digit course ID number of the discussion section or lab you wish to enroll into. Please note that you enroll in the discussion or lab and then you will automatically be enrolled in the lecture.

You are only allowed 10 units total on your priority/1st pass, I am not able to override this restriction.

If you are taking the pre-requisite for the course and it has not been transferred to UCLA please attach an unofficial copy of your enrollment in the course to your email.

If you are attempting to enroll in a course that you have not met the pre-requisites for you must contact the instructor of the course, and

Please note that courses 114, 136, 144, 154 174, 184 and 185 are wait list only courses and you will not be able to add them on priority pass. Please put yourself on the waiting list on first pass, go to class the first week final enrollment will be done during the first week.

During peak enrollment periods, enrollments will be done in the evenings and weekends. Enrollments will be completed within 24 hours and confirmation will be emailed to you.


For Questions please e-mail: Denise Mantonya
Phone: (310)-825-4660
Office: 4006 Young Hall