Emeriti and Former Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty

We are grateful to our emeriti faculty for their valuable service to the department. Many of our emeriti faculty continue to have thriving research groups or second careers at either UCLA, other universities, or in industry. We also honor our former faculty members who passed away before reaching retirement age. 

Frank A. L. Anet  Daniel E. Atkinson  Mario E. Baur  Kyle D. Bayes
Richard Bernstein  Francis E. Blacet  Paul D. Boyer  Orville L. Chapman
Donald J. Cram  William R. Crowell  Richard Dickerson  Max S. Dunn
Mostafa El-Sayed  Paul S. Farrington  Christopher Foote  Clifford S. Garner
Robin Garrell  Theodore Geisman  Jay D. Gralla  Eugene Hardwick
Frederick Hawthorne  Thomas Jacobs  John M. Jordan  Herbert D. Kaesz
Daniel Kivelson  Christopher Lee  Willard F. Libby  Harold Martinson
James McCullough  William G. McMillan  Sabeeha Merchant  William C. Morgan
Malcom F. Nicol  Robert L. Pecsok  James B. Ramsey  Howard Reiss
George Robertson  Verne Schumaker  Robert L. Scott  David Sigman
Roberts A. Smith  Robert V. Stevens  J. Fraser Stoddart  Hosmer W. Stone
Charles E. Strouse  Kenneth Trueblood  Joan S. Valentine  John T. Wasson
Richard Weiss  Charles A. West  Saul Winstein  William G. Young

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