Shao, Huiling


Short Biography

Huiling Shao completed her B.S. in Chemistry at University of Richmond in 2014 and her Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh in 2019.

At UCLA, Huiling is the 2021-2022 Cram teacher scholar. Huiling conducts research in Professor Ken Houk’s group on computational reaction mechanism investigations. She currently teaches Chem 20A (Chemical Structure).

Representative Publications

  • Ligand Conformational Flexibility Enables Enantioselective Tertiary C–B Bond Formation in the Phosphonate-Directed Catalytic Asymmetric Alkene Hydroboration, Shao, H.; Chakrabarty, S.; Qi, X.; Takacs, J. M.; Liu, P. 2021, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143, 4801-4808
  • Modeling the mechanism of CO2/cyclohexene oxide copolymerization catalyzed by chiral zinc β-diiminates: factors affecting reactivity and isotacticity, Shao, H.; Reddi, Y.; Cramer, C.J. 2020, ACS Catalysis, 10, 8870-8879
  • Computational Investigations of the Effects of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands on the Mechanism, Reactivity, and Regioselectivity of Rh-catalyzed Hydroborations, Shao, H.; Wang, Y.; Bielawski, C.W.; Liu, P. 2020, ACS Catalysis, 10, 3820-3827.
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