Chen, Shuming

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Contact Information

Young Hall 4222B
(310) 825-4182

Short Biography

Shuming Chen is joining UCLA as a postdoctoral Teacher-Scholar. She received her B.A. degree in chemistry from Grinnell College, and her Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Yale University.  Her doctoral research was focused on the development of highly regio- and stereoselective methods to access pharmaceutically relevant nitrogen heterocycles via rhodium-catalyzed C–H functionalization.


Shuming grew up in Hangzhou, China. She attended Grinnell College where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry. After graduating from Grinnell College, she attended Yale University for her Ph.D. She conducted her doctoral research in Professor Jonathan Ellman’s group, where she worked on using rhodium-catalyzed C–H functionalization methods to access  pharmaceutically relevant nitrogen heterocycles. Her completed projects include regio- and diastereoselective syntheses of tetrahydropyridines by way of tandem electrophilic and nucleophilic additions to dihydropyridines, discovery of a novel agent for diastereoselective epoxidation of tetrahydropyridines to provide oxygenated piperidines, and a facile method for the construction of fluoropyridines using Rh(III)-catalyzed C–H functionalization. Also developed highly regio- and stereoselective synthetic cascades for accessing multisubstituted and bridged tropanes via cycloaddition of unstabilized azomethine ylides. After graduating from Yale, she came to UCLA as a postdoctoral Teacher-Scholar conducting research in Professor Kendall Houk’s group, where her focus is on the elucidation of reactions mechanisms for stereoselective chemical transformations.