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Agape Mamdouh Awad (Ph.D. ’18) (Paul D. Boyer Teacher-Scholar)

Agape received her Bachelor’s degree from UCLA, where she studied Biochemistry and conducted undergraduate research in the laboratory of Dr. Catherine F. Clarke.  Her research included elucidating the effects of Deuterated Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in mitigating lipid peroxidation, as well as studies related to Huntington’s Disease and potential treatment of disease phenotypes.  Agape also completed two summer internships at Edwards Lifesciences, a leading medical device and heart valve company.  During her time at Edwards, Agape worked in the Quality Chemistry and Quality Biology divisions, completing quality control testing on artificial heart valves that would be used in patients, as well as completing FDA regulatory projects to validate the safety of several medical devices developed by Edwards. 
Agape joined the UCLA Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate program in 2013 to pursue her PhD, studying the Coenzyme Q biosynthetic pathway in the lab of Dr. Catherine F. Clarke.  In addition to research, Agape served as a Teaching Assistant in many biochemistry and research ethics courses, instructing both undergraduate and graduate students.  Additionally, Agape mentored students in the laboratory on novel projects and served as a workshop leader and instructor for incoming freshman taking General Chemistry courses, as part of a Howard Hughes Medical Institute funded initiative led by Dr. Tracy Johnson.  Agape received her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in June 2018.  
Selected as the Paul D. Boyer Teacher-Scholar, Agape will continue her Post-doctoral research in the laboratory of Dr. Catherine F. Clarke, studying RNA, splicing, Coenzyme Q biosynthetic regulation and post-translational modification, while continuing and expanding many valuable collaborations essential for the advancement of these novel projects.  Agape will also serve as a Professor for Introductory Biochemistry as the Boyer Teacher Scholar, instructing undergraduate students studying upper-division biochemistry.