Anderson, Mackenzie


Representative Publications

  • A readily scalable, clinically demonstrated, antibiofouling zwitterionic surface treatment for implantable medical devices
    McVerry B., Polasko A., Rao E., Haghniaz R., Chen D., He N., Ramos P., Hayashi J., Curson P., Wu C-Y., Bandaru P., Anderson M., Bui B., Sayegh A., Mahendra S., Di Carlo D., Kreydin E., Khademhosseini A., Sheikhi A.,Kaner R.B.
    Advanced Materials adma.202200254R2
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Compaction and Embossing at Ultra-High Pressure Operation
    Wu J., Bongyeon J., Anvari A., Im S.J., Anderson M., Zheng R.X., Jassby D., Kaner R.B., Dlamini D., Edelat A., Hoek E.
    Desalination DES-D-22-00277
  • Laser- 3D Graphene Network with Covalently‐Grafted Aniline Tetramer for Ultralong‐Life Supercapacitors
    Chang, X., El-Kady, M.F., Huang, A., Lin, C.W., Aguilar, S., Anderson, M., Zhu, J.Z.J., Kaner, R.B. Advanced Functional Materials 2102397.
  • Facile Fabrication of Multivalent VOx/Graphene Nanocomposite Electrodes for High-Energy-Density Symmetric Supercapacitors
    Huang, A., El-Kady, M.F., Chang, X., Anderson, M., Lin, C.-W., Turner, C.L., Kaner, R.B.
    Advanced Energy Materials 2100768
  • Carbonization: Peering into the Formation of Micro-thermally produced (N-Doped) Carbons
    Wang, H., Delacroix, S., Osswald, O., Anderson, M., Heil, T., Lepre, E., Lopez-Salas, N., Kaner, R.B., Smarsly, B., Strauss, V.
    Carbon. 176, 500-510.
  • Ultrapermeable Organic Solvent Nanofiltration Membranes with Precisely Tailored Support Layers Fabricated Using Thin-Film Liftoff
    Ji, C., Xue, S., Lin, C.-W., Mak, W.H., McVerry, B.T., Turner, C.L., Anderson, M., Molas, J.C., Xu, Z., Kaner, R.B.
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 12 (27), 30796-30804.
  • Nanostructured Graphene Oxide Composite Membranes with Ultra-permeability and Mechanical Robustness
    Xue S., Ji C., Kowal, M.D., Molas, J. C., Lin, C.-W., Mcverry, B. T., Turner C.L., Mak W.H, Anderson M., Muni M., Hoek E.M.V., Xu Z., Kaner, R. B.
    Nano Letters. 20, 4, 2209–2218.
  • New Strategy to Develop Next-Generation Asymmetric Membranes Using Thin-film Lift-off
    McVerry B.T. *, Anderson M.*, He N., Chenhao J., Xue S., Rao E., Lee C., Chen D., Jun D., Kaner R.B. *These authors contributed equally to this work
    NanoLetters. 19, 8, 5036–5043.
  • Self-assembled functionally graded graphene films with tunable compositions and their applications in transient electronics and actuation
    Sheikh R., Bhatkar O., Smith D., Kowal M.D., Anderson M., Kaner R.B., Rizvi R.
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 11, 2623463-23473.
  • Graphene/oligoaniline based supercapacitors: Towards conducting polymer materials with high rate charge storage
    Wang H., Yu Z., El-Kady M.F., Anderson M., Kowal M.D., Li M., Kaner R.B.
    Energy Storage Materials. 19, 137-147.
  • Fast response electrochemical capacitor electrodes created by laser-reduction of carbon nanodots Strauss V., Anderson M., Turner C., Kaner R. B.
    Materials Today Energy. 11, 114-119.